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Our mission is to explore the best practice of evidence-based physiotherapy and exercise based solutions available, and to deliver these in a down to earth and approachable manner to the local community. We are committed to providing client-focused care with a curative and preventative approach to care. We strive to promote health, well-being and disease prevention, with a strong emphasis on education and empowering clients to help themselves.

Founded by Kevin & Van Nguyen in 2012, Physio Essentials is the development of their dream to help others, help themselves  with confidence and our support. We strive to continually seek a wide variety of effective and evidence-based physiotherapy and exercise based practices, that can be utilised to complete thorough assessments, with a holistic view in developing tailored treatment programs that work towards optimum long term results for our clients. We pride ourselves in our down to earth and approachable manner, generous appointment times, with the 1 on 1 nature of our physiotherapy sessions.

The Physio Essentials Approach

“Helping you to help yourself & get back to the life you want – sooner, safer, with confidence and our support”

In 2015, Physio Essentials started to outgrow their home. And so the journey began in exploring how big, in how long, and where. In February 2016, Physio Essentials relocated to a new ground floor address – Unit 5B of Casula Central. This superior facility boasts over 6 private treatment areas, 2 fully equipped Reformer Pilates studios, 2 sprint tracks, advanced treatment technologies, sports specific training equipment and much more. Here we have continued our reputable services and continually strive to seek the best practice of evidence based approaches to clinical care in our mission to help you, help yourself now, and for the future.


Gemma Kim

Registered Physiotherapist

Van Nguyen

Principal Physiotherapist & Director

Kevin Nguyen

Principal Physiotherapist & Director

Vivian Huynh

Registered Physiotherapist
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