Consent for treatment
Your Physiotherapist will discuss any possible risks and the benefits prior to proceeding with any treatment option. This is to assist you in making informed and appropriate decisions. You have the right to refuse or consent to any treatment options proposed to you. Once consent is give, you can also withdraw it at any time. You are encouraged to ask questions at any time. It is your responsibility to provide the Physiotherapist with any relevant information that may impact on the level of associated risks with your treatment options.

Privacy and release of information
To assist with your essential and high quality care, Physio Essentials & Pilates Studio is required to collect some personal and medical information from you. From time to time, Physio Essentials & Pilates Studio may also need to exchange your information with your doctors, medical specialists and other clinical treatment providers. Your information will also be used by us for administrative purposes, billing and within this company. In the case of a Workers Compensation, CTP or other insurance claim, it may be necessary to collect and/or disclose information to such associated third parties. Physio Essentials & Pilates Studio has a Privacy Policy. This policy is available for viewing and copy on request.

Cancellation Policy
Physio Essentials & Pilates Studio provides allocated appointment times with the Physiotherapist to ensure the provision of essential and high quality care at all times. Therefore, for non attendance without notice of at least 6 business hours, you will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Any cancellations provided at least 6 business hours prior to your appointment time, will be at no charge.

Payments for services will be paid at the current rate of service on the same day of service. If treatment is related to Workers Compensation, CTP Third Party Insurance, or my treatment services are cover by other third parties, your billing information will be released to these parties. It is the responsibility of the client to cover outstanding account, should the claim be declined.

Practice Information Sheet
To view our current practice information sheet, please click here