Pilates at Physio Essentials is carefully crafted and applied by our experienced Pilates Clinicians and Physiotherapists, and overseen by Physio Essentials Pilates guru (also Director and Principal Physiotherapist) – Van Nguyen.

The Physio Essentials Pilates method is approached by manipulating and modifying traditional principles of known Pilates exercises. This results in an array of exercises, that are carefully selected and applied meticulously for each individual to suit their current and changing needs.

After a comprehensive assessment consultation with our Physiotherapists, we work together with you, to develop and continue to adjust a program that is most beneficial, appropriate and suited to you.

Physio Essentials currently offers a range of Pilates services, in both group and 1 on 1 environments. We utilise commercial Pilates equipment including Reformer Beds, Trapeze Beds, balls, bands, rollers and more.