Services We Offer

Physio Essentials Sports Specific Training Program offers a variety of strength and conditioning as well as sports specific training needs including –

  • muscular strength and endurance
  • motor control and balance
  • plyometrics/jumping training
  • jumping and landing mechanics
  • speed, quickness and agility
  • repeated sprint ability
  • cardiovascular fitness and endurance
  • running biomechanics
  • mobility training
  • throwing/catching mechanics
  • deceleration training
  • safe and appropriate gym based training (use of gym equipment)
  • Biomechanical and movement assessment and analysis
  • Sports Specific Testing

These are offered in the following formats –

Tailored & Personalised Programs

  • Indoor/Outdoor/Gym Based
  • Can be 1 on 1, or in small group format (up to 4 in a group)
  • Built to suit your/your groups needs
  • Initial consultation (and possible testing) required to ensure programs are tailored, suitable and results measureable

Group General Strength & Conditioning Programs

  • Indoor/Outdoor/Gym Based
    • General gym based strength & conditioning training suitable for youth athletes
    • General speed, quickness & agility outdoor training
    • Sports specific training programs (e.g. netball repeated sprint ability)
    • Stretch & Mobility programs
    • Sports Specific Pilates programs
  • *Medical Doctor clearance or pre-screening is required to ensure suitability for such programs

Biomechanical and Movement Analysis, Pre-Screening & Physical Testing

  • Biomechanical and movement analysis by Physiotherapist or student Physiotherapist
    • See how you shape up when breaking down foundation movement skills such as running, take off, jump, hop, landing, throwing, catching etc
    • Get an in-depth analysis and fault detection of where you may be loosing force/power/balance/strength/endurance etc
    • Build a program around your musculoskeletal needs in order to enhance your training and movement execution
  • Exercise Pre-Screening by student Physiotherapist or Strength & Conditioning Trainer
    • Go through a thorough screen of fitness outcomes such as speed, agility, endurance, repeated sprint ability to be able to compare throughout and after training and track your results
  • Physical Testing by Strength & Conditioning Trainer
    • Looking to specifically work on one or more physical components such as vertical leap, take off speed, repeated sprint ability? Get tested so you can track your progress!

If you are unsure which format is best for you, or are looking for a particular service/need, please email us at and chat to our staff for more information.