Telehealth Policies

Privacy, Security & Compliance
Physio Essentials video consultations are conducted via our practice management software, Power Diary. Power Diary’s system complies with current standards for teleconferencing. Whilst all efforts are made to avoid hacking and secure the process while you are online, we cannot provide a 100% guarantee. Please see the following link regarding privacy, security and privacy – .

Payment Policy
Payments for services will be paid at the current rate of service PRIOR TO YOUR TELEHEALTH CONSULTATION. If treatment is related to Workers Compensation, CTP Third Party Insurance, or treatment services are cover by other third parties, your billing information will be released to these parties. Department of Veteran Affairs clients and those with a Chronic Care Plan will be bulk billed. It is the responsibility of the client to cover any outstanding accounts, should the claim be declined/not paid by the third party for any reason.

For those that cancel within 2 hours of the appointment or do not show, will be charged a 100% cancellation fee. Please note, this cannot be billed to third parties, and are billed directly to the client in any instance.

Client Consent

  1. I understand that my participation is voluntary, and I have the right to refuse participation
  2. I understand that technical difficulties may occur before or during the telehealth sessions and Physio Essentials will troubleshoot what is within their abilities during the allocated time.
  3. I accept that telehealth can be via video consultation and/or over the phone also
  4. I understand that the consulting Physiotherapist will record notes of the consultation as they would during a face to face consultation
  5. If the video visit does not achieve everything that is needed, then I will be given a choice about what to do next. This could include a follow up face-to-face visit, or a second video visit.
  6. That my consent can be withdrawn at any time, including before and during the consultation.
  7. That I will complete payment for the service BEFORE my scheduled appointment (if a private client)
  8. If this consultation is delivered under DVA or a Chronic Care Plan, that I will be bulk billed
  9. If this consultation is delivered as a part of my NSW Work Cover claim, that pre-approval has been sought by Physio Essentials. In the event that the insurance company do not pay, that the outstanding balance will be required to be paid by myself
  10. That if I do not connect into the consultation (without contact/reason) or cancel the appointment within 6 hours, that I will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. Please note, Work Cover, DVA and Chronic Care Plan clients will need to pay this out of pocket, as cancellation fees are not covered by WorkCover and the DVA/Medicare systems

Client’s will need the following for video consultations –

  • Any device with internet access with any web browser
  • A quiet, well lit room
  • Somewhere to rest your device so that the camera has a clear view of you
  • If you have someone who can be in the consultation with you, to assist with moving the camera as required – this is beneficial

Some tips for success

  • Have your camera device set up and ready before your appointment time. Trial the angle to ensure you are clearly visible
  • During the consultation, look directly at the camera to improve eye contact
  • Speak clearly so that the camera can pick up your voice