The Physio Essentials Approach to Pilates

The Physio Essentials Pilates Method starts with an Assessment Consultation with one of our Pilates trained Physiotherapists. Here, we perform a thorough Assessment to establish your needs, goals and devise an individualised program for you. The assessment also includes duscussions around the suitability of a class or 1 on 1 environment, including frequency of sessions.

The Physio Essentials Pilates Method focuses on developing awareness of the body, its position and how to identify and move different joints and parts of the body. This is achieved through closely monitored sessions with realistic and progressive targets and goals. 

Here at Physio Essentials, we are known for the Physiotherapist’s and Instructor’s attention to detail, focus on individualising programs, modifying programs as client’s needs change, as well as thorough in-session and formal assessments and re-assessments. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and ability to manipulate, modify and adjust traditional Pilates exercises, across a large platform of equipment, in order to keep clients challenged, focused, enticed and enjoying exercise that is specifically targeted to address each individual client’s goals and needs. We take this one step further to ensure that as clients have good and bad days, changes from week to week, that their session program is modified, adjusted and changed to suit their daily needs as well. We enjoy taking extra time and care to ensure we translate in-house Pilates exercises to home based exercise solutions in order to ensure that we continually are helping our clients, help themselves in their individual wants and needs.