The Physio Essentials Story

Physio Essentials & Pilates Studio was founded by 2 local physiotherapists with the aim to provide a friendly and convenient location that provided high quality, individual-focused physiotherapy and exercise-based needs.

Our young and professional team, aspire to demonstrate that age does not equate to standard of care and delivery. We pride ourselves in the delivery of essential, beneficial and high quality of care at all times. We strive to have a strong emphasis on a curative and preventative approach to physiotherapy.

To achieve the above, our trademark of work is in our attention to detail, our passion for processes and methods that are backed with in-depth clinical reasoning. This coupled with assessment and treatment methods that are evidence-based, logical and beneficial to help clients, help themselves achieve their goals and needs. We also highly value and rely on assisting our clients develop a better understanding of their current scenario – the process to recovery and prevention, and to ensure that we empower our clients to be able to help themselves.

We continually increase our knowledge pool, assessment and treatment techniques, challenge our understanding and delivery of physiotherapy and exercise needs, in order to ensure we always have a wide variety of tools to draw upon to be able to best suit each individual’s needs (from diagnosis, to outcomes, learning and understanding needs and more). We pride ourselves in our holistic view of every client, in order to ensure we are continually helping the overall person, and not just addressing an injury of a body part.

As our business continues to grow, we also focus on improving the knowledge and understanding of our staff, other Allied Health and Medical Professionals, young adults who are interested in the field of health, those involved in pain and injury such as sports coaches and support staff and more. This is done through mentoring and education opportunities in our local community.

The Physio Essentials brand aims to provide our clients with…

  • high quality, evidence-based physiotherapy solutions
  • high physiotherapy-client contact time
  • essential physiotherapy solutions including exercise based rehabilitation
  • State of the art Pilates and exercise studio
  • a portal for essential and high quality information, education and advice regarding physiotherapy and exercise solutions
  • a venue to meet the needs of the community – from local sporting stars, families, shift workers, office workers, the young, the elderly, those who require female-only physiotherapists, those who need private treatment areas etc

In February 2016 we expanded our clinic premises and now boast –

  • ground floor facilities
  • 200+ square space
  • spacious treatment areas
  • wheelchair accessible treatment and exercise areas
  • fully equipped administrative and office areas
  • large Pilates Studio and exercise space
  • 2x sprint tracks
  • sports specific training equipment
  • VertiMax (coming soon)
  • in house restrooms
  • online booking systems
  • electronic management systems
  • additional fully qualified Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors

We hope to have you as a part of our ‘Physio Essentials’ journey!

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