The Studio

pilates picsThe Physio Essentials Pilates Studio is equipped with state of the art equipment including…

* Trapeze Beds
* Commercial Reformer Beds
* Swiss Exercise Balls
* Foam Rollers
* Bands
* Medicine Balls
* Pilates Rings
* Balance Domes
* Balance Discs
* Exercise Steps
and more

Our spacious and dynamic studio provides endless combinations and a wide variety in your Essential Pilates session. It allows for the individual programming for each client, to ensure that all your exercise needs are met.

Our extensive exercises repertoire can be performed in lying, sitting, standing, sideways, plank position and more! It’s dynamic nature allows for individualisation for anyone! Exercising in our Essentials Pilates Studio, therefore is for ANYONE, at any level of fitness.

The small equipment such as exercise balls, bands, rollers etc are also available for purchase from Physio Essentials … providing you with home based exercise solutions too!