The Team

Van Nguyen (Principal Physiotherapist & Director of Physio Essentials & Pilates Studio)

B. Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
Advanced Accredited Netball Coach
Netball KNEE Physiotherapist KNEE Program Certification
Level III Pilates Matwork & Equipment Pilates Certification
Current Head Coach of South West Sydney Academy of Sport – Netball Program

Van is the owner and Principal Physiotherapist of Physio Essentials & Pilates Studio. She is also an Advanced accredited netball coach who is currently the Head Coach of the netball program for South West Sydney Academy of Sport. With an extensive history of coaching in netball from grassroots level through to Representative, Regional and assistant coaching at Premier League level, Van combines her love of netball, Physiotherapy knowledge and skills and coaching experience with her passion for biomechanics and human movement to improve athlete performance through analysis and correction of musculoskeletal movement.

Van’s key interest is in biomechanical analysis and fault detection and correction, in order to enhance foundation movement skills that can therefore translate to more effective sports specific performance and reduce the risk of inury/re-injury.

Van’s primary role in the sports specific training program at Physio Essentials will be to

  • deliver thorough biomechanical and movement assessment and analysis
  • provide advice and consultation for injured athletes, or those returning from injury
  • provide advice and consultation for acute and early stage injury rehabilitation
  • provide advice and consultation for transition to end stage injury rehabilitation
  • oversee the Physiotherapy and Pilates consultation and programs delivered by Physio Essentials staff to any client involved in the Sports Specific training program
  • provide the link in communication and interpretation between the Physiotherapists and trainers

Samantha Garrido (Registered Physiotherapist)

Currently completing Bachelor of Physiotherapy (graduates 2018)
Commencing Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Accreditation
Commencing Netball KNEE Physiotherapist Program Certification
Level 1 Matwork & Equipment Pilates Certification

Samantha (Sam) is a key member of the Physio Essentials team. She commenced as a reception team member, and has moved into Pilates instructing as well as learning the ropes in preparation for graduation as a fully qualified Physiotherapist at the end of 2018. Sam is also a netball player and enthusiast, Pilates participant and instructor, who has also been the Primary Carer for multiple years at a representative and regional level of netball tournaments. Sam’s love of sport and Pilates, combined with her near-qualification as a Physiotherapist sees Sam work alongside Principal Physiotherapist, Van Nguyen in the Sports Specific Training department. She will assist Van in the delivery of biomechanical and movement assessments and analysis for our Sports Specific Training program as well as communication with trainers to ensure a thorough, integrative and individualised approach for all clients who cross between Physiotherapy and/or Pilates and/or the Sports Specific Training programs offered at Physio Essentials. Sam is also the lead instructor for our stretch and mobility programs and sports specific Pilates programs.

Matthew Macias (Strength & Conditioning Trainer)

B. of Health Science (Sport and Exercise Science)
Level 1 accredited Strength & Conditioning Trainer (commencing Level 2)
Strength & Conditioning Trainer for South West Sydney Academy of Sport – Netball
Sports Trainer for Penrith Panthers Rugby

Matt loves all things sport and has a passion for helping others achieve their goals. As a result, he pursued a career to positively impact the performance of athletes. Whilst still young, Matt has thrown himself into the sporting arena, working alongside athletes at South West Sydney Academy of Sport (Netball), West Tigers Rugby League Club and Penrith Panthers Rugby League Club. He has a key interest in youth development and prides himself not only on performance enhancement, but reduce injury risk and promote safe and durable recovery rates from injury. He has a key interest and focus in mastering foundation strength and movement patterns, in order to promote physical resilience amongst his clients.

Matthew’s primary role in this domain will be to

  • Create, monitor and modify exercise programs for the purpose of strength and conditioning
  • Delivery of exercise based programs including fault detection and correction
  • Create, monitor and deliver programs that address biomechanical deficits detected through Physio Essentials assessments
  • Athletic testing for strength, power, speed, agility and cardiovascular fitness
  • End stage rehabilitation post injury including progression into safe return to play
  • Monitor, guide and teach youth athletes in the safe and appropriate use of gym based equipment