What is Sports Specific Training?

“A strength and conditioning coach in Australia is an accredited Australian Strength and Conditioning Association coach who develops the physical capabilities of competitive athlete populations.”

(Australian Strength & Conditioning Association)

Physio Essentials is excited to have partnered with Matthew (Matt) Macias, Strength and Conditioning trainer, to provide Sports Specific Training services to our clients, and the local community. Our programs are aimed at youth athletes and is an integrative approach with our Physiotherapists, combining our knowledge on human anatomy, biomechanics, musculoskeletal knowledge, movement analysis, correction and enhancement, sports specific knowledge, human kinematics and more.

Alongside Matt and our partnerships with local businesses, we provide both indoor, outdoor and gym based setting programs to enhance general and specific strength and conditioning programs. Our personalised program options are individually customised to each client’s needs, sport/s, age, body composition and current physical capabilities. For clients who are recovering from injury, or seeking Physiotherapy/Pilates services at Physio Essentials currently, your Physiotherapist will work closely with Matt to ensure your training program meets your Physiotherapy requirements as well.

Our programs provide a variety of strength and conditioning as well as sports specific training needs including –

  • muscular strength and endurance
  • motor control and balance
  • plyometrics/jumping training
  • jumping and landing mechanics
  • speed, quickness and agility
  • repeated sprint ability
  • cardiovascular fitness and endurance
  • running biomechanics
  • mobility training
  • throwing/catching mechanics
  • deceleration training
  • safe and appropriate gym based training (use of gym equipment)
  • Biomechanical and movement assessment and analysis
  • Sports Specific Testing

All our programs are tailored to suit our client’s age and current physical capacity including growth rates etc.

For more information, please email us at sst@physioessentials.com.au

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